Africa Business Day


The annual platform for business between Switzerland and Africa

22 June 2018, hosted by Syngenta in Stein

The Africa Business Day is the indispensable annual platform in Switzerland for doing business in and with Africa and brings together more than 150 participants including CEOs, members of the Board, business development managers, export managers and investors. During the event, African Embassies/Missions  present investment opportunities in their respective countries at country desks in the dedicated exhibition area.

Download the full 2018 programme HERE.

OVERALL THEME 2018: Unlocking the power of successful partnerships in Africa

Africa Business Day 2018 explored the role of partnerships for companies and organisations growing their businesses and activities in African markets.

What does partnership mean in the African context? Why do companies and organisations choose to work together to drive the growth of their activities? How do organisations go about choosing partners and what makes partnerships successful in the African context? These are all questions that were explored through company case studies during the event.

Read the full Post-Event Report HERE.

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